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The race is on for critical materials

Jack Lifton


Jack Lifton is the CEO of Jack Lifton, LLC and is a consultant, author, and lecturer on the market fundamentals of technology metals. “Technology metals” is a category term now in wide use that he coined at the beginning of the twenty-first century to describe those strategic metals whose electronic properties make our technological society possible. These include copper, the rare earths, the platinum group metals, the steel alloy metals, lithium, cobalt, graphite and most of the rare critical metals and materials necessary for our health, safety, and technologies, both consumer and military.


He is on several technical advisory boards in the mining and metal refining sector and is also a founding co-principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC. His consulting is done through Jack Lifton, LLC, a consultancy he formed in 1999 upon his retirement as the CEO of an OEM automotive supply company specializing in the process chemistry of engineered materials and metals trading. Jack Lifton LLC has advised governmental agencies both at home and abroad on metals industries supply chain issues and has done extensive due diligence on mining, refining, and the fabrication of metals for financial institutions globally. He is a member of numerous professional societies and is a frequent speaker at both professional and industry events on both the markets for technology metals and materials, and on the use of new and newly applied technologies for the extraction, refining and fabrication of rare metals and materials.


Jack Lifton is the Director of the Industrial Policy Institute, which advises governments on the development and implementation of national industrial policies for the management of critical metals and materials.


Jack Lifton is also the Host and Publisher for the Technology Metals section of InvestorIntel.com.

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Tracy Weslosky


Tracy Weslosky is the CEO & Chairman for InvestorIntel Corp. and founder of InvestorIntel.com, a trusted source of online market information for investors in the capital markets, she is an accomplished entrepreneur and corporate finance professional that has worked with over 1000+ publicly listed companies around the world since 2001 and is the VP of Devon Capital, a registered Exempt Market Dealer providing tailored, custom services to both public and private companies across a variety of sectors.

Formerly a principal founder and President of the London-based REE Stocks Company (2011-2014), which had the only rare earths indices recognized by FTSE, Tracy Weslosky was also the co-owner of Weslosky & Cowans Ltd., a licensed Exempt Market Dealer (2005-2012) focused on the technology and resource industry sectors. This boutique investment banking firm was the basis for a business reality television series called DealFlow, which was distributed in 294 million households including CNBC and WealthTV for several years (2010-2012).

A well-known publicist and radio tracker that was cited in Billboard as “one of the top three” in North America, Tracy Weslosky worked for endless artists from all the major record companies to an endless array of indie recording artists and independent record labels from 1994-2000. Joining an indie label that listed on the CDNX as a Director and VP of Marketing, she then became the VP of marketing for a NYSE listed company in the entertainment business. She has since won a Telly (2012), held several Directorial roles, and has often been a guest speaker and host at a wide range of industry and media events.

Tracy graduated with a B.A. from the University of Tennessee in 1988.

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 Clint Adam Smyth

Webmaster & Design

Clint graduated from the photographic arts program at the Alberta College of Art & Design in 1992,  Upon graduation he received a scholarship to study photography and art history in Florence, Italy. Clint works as a photographer, videographer, director, webmaster, designer and producer and has worked in many industries, everything from the fashion and music industries to corporate and industrial work. He was featured on Fashion TV’s show behind the lens and has worked with such companies as Westin Hotels, Benjamin Moore, The Globe and Mail and many more. Clint currently resides in Toronto, and works with clients both locally and nationally and has been the Video Director & Production Manager for InvestorIntel since 2001.


For more info see his website at www.BigCityStudios.ca