Category: Rare Earths

The race is on for critical materials

Tom Wilson on an obscure element and critical material with the potential to change the world – zirconium.

“Zirconium is yet another example of an obscure critical mineral with great potential in new technology where China controls the supply chain.” – Donald Bubar, President & CEO at Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. Zirconium is a relatively obscure element that is finding increasing application in a range of new technologies. It is most commonly found…
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Catching the world with our rare earths contingency pants down

The rare earths market has had its ups and downs the past few years. In particular, the US-China trade war brought a new focus to the sector highlighting the world’s dependency on China for rare earths supply. Then in early 2020 with much of China closed down by the coronavirus the Chinese rare earths supply was put to test.…
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